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Welcome to

Vimala Central School

Karamcodu, Kollam

         Vimala Central School,Karamcodu,Kollam is Situated in the very near outskirt of the city of Kollam by the side of the National High Way 47. Vimala Central School is celebrating its existence with glorious success. Greenery surroundings and tranquil atmosphere of the village, where the school is situated, enhance the feasibility of deep learning in a meditative mood. Learning here is a celebration; where teachers, students, parents and the society at large are engaged as a team in every step. We feel a harmony with the society and the whole nature. That is why the Celebration in our classrooms and campus becomes the cause of joy for all.

            Our school provides an ideal atmosphere for nurturing the innate talents and needs of young students. Education at Vimala transcends the confines of the classroom walls and pages of the text book. Our wide spread campus and facilities along with competent staff radiate an air of warmth.                                                                           


Gems of Vimala

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10th Result : 46 Full A1 out of 127 Students 12th Result : Two Students got 90% above ASWATHU S PRAKASH & ARJUN S
We care for you . . . We do not admit the CHILD,we adopt HIM. . .


God Bless You

I am happy to welcome to the website of our school

    At Vimala, we believe in providing high quality, excellent value based education in a child friendly, caring and dynamic activity based learning environment. To us each child is unique. Our experienced faculty spares no efforts in bringing out the latent talents of each and every child.
    Our Vision is based on the belief that excellence in education and all round personality development should be provided in an environment that will nurture the "noble values of loving family" on which the nations have been built up. Vimala develops the sense of positive self-esteem in every child by celebrating and acknowledging the achievement and success of each student

Philip John
The Principal


     As the whole world has shrunken to the size of a global village, we aim at widening the mental horizon of our students so that they develop the ability to meet the global challenges confidently. Our endeavour is also to shape up our students as the models of liberated Indian citizen attached to their time-tested value system. Let us believe that all students are assets for our nation as well as to their families.

    Vimala Central School has a vision of providing quality education on one hand and inculcating and co-combining a perfect blend of ideals and high principles of life, on the other hand. In today's age one has to face many challenges at every step of life. We must have faith in ourselves and it is faith and belief that fills us with the confidence to conquer all obstacles and difficulties and be the person we have always dreamt of.


P.C Jacob
Vice Principal

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