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Welcome to

Vimala Central School
Karamcodu, Kollam

Vimala Central School,Karamcodu,Kollam is Situated in the very near outskirt of the city of Kollam by the side of the National High Way 47. Vimala Central School is celebrating its existence with glorious success. Greenery surroundings and tranquil atmosphere of the village, where the school is situated, enhance the feasibility of deep learning in a meditative mood. Learning here is a celebration; where teachers, students, parents and the society at large are engaged as a team in every step. We feel a harmony with the society and the whole nature. That is why the Celebration in our classrooms and campus becomes the cause of joy for all.
     Our school provides an ideal atmosphere for nurturing the innate talents and needs of young students. Education at Vimala transcends the confines of the classroom walls and pages of the text book. Our wide spread campus and facilities along with competent staff radiate an air of warmth.                            



      We believe in -NISI DOMINUS FRUSTRA- without God nothing is. So we give strong spiritual foundation. Vimala lays special emphasis on the development of all the moral qualities of life and thus aims at the character building of the students. Vimala Higher Secondary School is founded with definite aims of spreading aesthetic and spiritual values of human life through the education of students. It also concentrates on the physical, mental and cultural development of students.                       
        The members of the staff of Vimala Central School are committed for creating and maintaining an orderly, trusting, and caring environment where teaching and learning are thrilling. All aspects of the activities of the school scholastic and co-scholastic are child-centred and designed to accommodate individual learning styles so that all may experience success.                       
        In this hi-tech generation, everybody knows the value of English language; so our medium of instruction is to English. Hindi and Malayalam are also taught as second languages. Our aim is to impart a sound education and a wide training which will develop the character and personality of each pupil.

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